Pets and the Holidays

During the holidays it’s easier for pets to sneak table food.  Many times it’s due to a family member giving them an extra hand, you know who you are.  Regardless, rich table food doesn’t always agree with dogs’ and cats’ tummies.  Fatty, greasy foods, like pork, can be especially bad and can cause pancreatitis that’s very painful and can led to hospitalization. 


There are other foods that can actually be toxic to them.  Never allow your small buddies to eat garlic, onions, grapes, raisins, or chocolate.  Also, watch out for choking hazards like large seeds and bones.  Feed them a small meal prior to family arrival, another meal just prior to the family meal, and maybe give a treat afterwards as a reward.  Toys can be a great distraction, especially new toys, for the good ones. If you suspect your pet has eaten anything toxic please contact us!

Merry Christmas Everyone!