Pets and Loud Noises!

We all know that New Year’s Eve can get a little wild and crazy.  The noise of the neighbor’s throw downs to the thumping bass drops to the sporadic fireworks can all be stress factors for your pets.  Some animals don’t seem to mind while others develop severe anxiety.  Knowing your pet’s history to these factors can help predict their response this year.  However, your pet’s anxiety may get worse with age.  There are multiple things that can help.  Many times, it takes trial and error to determine the best options.

Keeping your pet mentally and/or physically entertained is a good start.  Allowing heavy exercise or play prior to the night’s festivities can allow for more rest.  Benadryl, at the proper dosing, can increase drowsiness and limit anxiety.  Certain prescription medications can work well too, when given 30-60 minutes prior to the stressful event.  For dogs, those new Christmas toys may come in handy combined with a favorite treat or game.  Thundershirts have proven beneficial for many pups.  For cats, catnip and/or feline pheromones may be your best friend as well as a super catty hiding spot.  Thanks, and have a safe New Year's.