Our Friends

We strongly believe in having a tight knit community. Below are a few of our friends and their local businesses that we support.

ECVETS (Eastern Carolina Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service)

Since we don’t operate 24/7, we associate with some good people that do. The vets and staff at ECVETS in Wilson are our go to for emergency service. Dr. Barth, Dr. Ewing, and Dr. Hummel focus solely on emergency vet care and have many years of clinical experience and expertise. All medical treatments and recommendations on your loved one are faxed to us by 7:00AM, which gives us time to review them and contact owners before we even open. If an unfortunate situation presents itself after hours, you can rest assured ECVETS will always be there for you and your furry family members.

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Tarheel Veterinary Surgical Specialists

Tarheel Veterinary Specialist - Dr. Tudor DVM, DACVS comes to our clinic for orthopedic surgeries, she is an incredibly talented board certified surgeon.  She founded TVSS in 2002 and has recently hired Dr. Taylor DVM, MS, DACVS-LA to help provide the best quality orthopedic vet care for our patients. TVSS is a mobile surgical practice, designed to provide excellent surgical care for your pet without disturbing the client-referring veterinarian relationship.  

Please visit Dr. Tudor's website for more info.

Rocky Mount Mills

We are excited about our partnership with the Rocky Mount Mills.  We believe the Mills growth and development will be a foundation for good things to come for our community.  The Mill offers locally owned and operated restaurants and breweries in a dog friendly environment.  Though the development is still in progress, soon they will offer a coffee shop, an outdoor center, business offices and dozens of apartments.  We are a part of their weekly email newsletter which features usable dog and cat information.  We also help supply the Mill businesses with dog customer needs.  Check out their continued growth and development on their website and Facebook, which are updated frequently. 

Lazy Days Pet Sitting Service

Jamie Hoad is the owner/operator of Lazy Day. She worked for us for 4 years and gained extensive experience as a kennel manager and veterinary assistant. She has her Associate in Applied Science in Equine Technology and has completed several authoritative certifications including Veterinary Assistant, Pet First Aid, Equine Nutrition, and Parrot Welfare. She is eager to home sit your loved ones while you are away and spends 30 minutes with your pet(s) per visit. Dogs get 2 visits per day and cats get 1. Her knowledge enables her to care for basic farm animals and small furry critters as well. Jamie and her assistants will contact your personal veterinarian if a situation presents itself. We believe Jamie to be the best qualified pet sitter in the Rocky Mount area. 

For more info visit her website.

Grandma G's Soaps and Such

Grandma G’s family history of soap making started in 1937 helping her grandmother make high quality lye soap. All her soaps are locally made here in Rocky Mount and contain 100% natural ingredients and essential oils. One bar lasts 6-8 washes for a large dog, lathers up well, is good for maintenance, and contains citronella to deter fleas/ticks/flies. We also carry her doggie deodorant with sandalwood oils to help maintain cleanliness between baths and her hot spot treatment for topical application to help minimize progression before medical treatment. 

To learn more visit her website.